Sugar Division

  • The company was formed in 1964, and the plant was commissioned in 1966-67 in Bhalwal, Distt. Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • The original plant capacity of 1500 Tons Crushing/Day was increased to 2,500 Tons Crushing/Day in 1972.
  • In 1991, there was a change of process from Double Carbonation Double Sulphitation (DCDS – direct consumption sugar) to Defection Remelt Phosphatation Process (DRP – Refined Sugar), and the plant was balanced at 3500 Tons Crushing/Day.
  • To improve both efficiency and milling capacity, a replacement of the 3-roller mill with a 5-roller mill was undertaken in 1994-95, achieving 4000 Tons Crushing/Day.
  • The plant underwent through further enhancements in 2006-07 to increase its processing capacity to 12,000 Tons per Day.
  • In the fiscal year 2022-23, the our crushing capacity was regularized to 19,000 Tons per Day, with subsequent modifications and modernization we aim to reach this crushing capacity in coming years.
  • The Sugar division holds ISO 9001:2015 certification from SGS, FSSC 22000 certification from Bureau Veritas and International Halal Certification.

Product Specification

We manufacture refined white sugar, which has the following characteristics and is considered to be one of the premium brands in the sugar market.
PSQCA and ICUMSA specification form foreign matters, sweet taste.
C12H22011, sucrose Mono clinic crystal Polarization max : 99.80
Color max : 20-80 Moisture % Max : 0.05 and Ash Max : .05
Defication Remelt phosphitation process.
In P.P bags packing
Storage Condition
Room Temperature
Shelf Life
2 Years at room temperature
Cane preparation, juice extraction, juice clarification, evaporation to form syrup, crystal formation, Centrifugation,
Talo Refinery, Refine Boiling, Puring, Drying, grading and packing.
Handling of Before use
Clean / Safe
Regulatory requirement
PSQCA and ICUMSA Specification.